Steep Hill Genetic Testing Services

Steep Hill Laboratories has started a Cannabis Genome Research Program. The goal of the research program is to gain a better understanding of all aspects of Cannabis genetics, and provide the Cannabis industry, from growers and breeders to dispensaries and end users, a suite of identification and diagnostic tools that will help identify important genetic markers that can be used in the breeding of unique strains or the choice of the correct strain for use in treating medical conditions. These genetic tools when combined with our already existing strain chemical profiling program (Steep Hill’s Strain Fingerprint™) will advance the knowledge base of the cannabis industry, while providing end users with better ways of identifying the important medicinal compounds and properties for which they are looking.

What is GenKit™?

GenKit™ helps identify male seedlings faster and more efficiently than ever. Results are generally reported within 5 days of arrival at the lab (depending on the season).

Organized and effortless from start to finish.

GenKit™ is a Steep Hill innovation; our scientists have managed to identify a snippet of genetic code that allows us to identify male cannabis plants with 99% accuracy!

Retrieve your sample results online, anonymously

GenKit™ equips cultivators with the ability to identify male seedlings immediately!

How It Works

Pre-paid sendoff for up to 8 samples at a time

GenKit™ uses sophisticated equipment to answer a simple question: is this seedling male?


Collect samples using each of the 8 sample envelopes included in the organizer. Use each to clip a true leaf from the plant.


With all 8 samples included, ship GenKit back to Steep Hill Labs for analysis.


Log on to to access your results. Turnaround time depends on the grow season. In general, April - July can be anywhere from 3 - 7 business days; otherwise, no more than 3 business days from arrival at the lab.

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Stop forcing plants to flower and harness the power of genetic code!

GenKit is the least intrusive method for sexing cannabis plants. All we require is a snippet from the first true leaf and our scientists will have results back to you in days!

Increase your yield by eliminating males before they become a problem. Keep your crop efficient, happy, and profitable.


Eight (8) individual sample collection envelopes

A quick start guide

A prepaid return envelope

And a lot card.