Our Company

At AK Green labs we test products for active cannabis chemical ingredients with known receptors in the human body

Steep Hill Alaska is an independently owned and operated analytical testing laboratory. Our mission is to use industry-leading science to provide the cannabis testing required to meet the regulatory requirements of the legal cannabis market, and to ensure a safer product for cannabis consumers.

We use a Shimadzu high performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) with a photodiode array detector to quantify 11 cannabinoids and many desired terpenes. A Shimadzu gas chromatograph with a mass spectrometer (GCMS) is used to quantify residual solvents in concentrates and to identify an extended array of up to 26 terpenes.

Our mIcrobial screening uses differential and selective agars and immunoassays from Hardy Diagnostics and Meridian Biosciences to screen for the presence of regulated bacteria and molds.